Sunday, 7 February 2010

New release: Dead Boomers 'Family Money'

The fifteenth release in the Sabbatical CD-R series is out now.

Dead Boomers is a duo comprised of Mark Groves and Leith Thomas, both members of True Radical Miracle and operators of the Sabbatical label. Conceived initially as an easy outlet for the duos interest in contemporary nasty noise and binge drinking, recent activity has expanded the sound palette to take in additional repulsive capabilities of the selected instrumentation. This instrumentation is essentially comprised of accumulated analogue junk and garden variety rock apparatus. The resultant smut is centred squarely on metal abuse and screaming distortion, with cruelly minimal compositional ideas employed to establish structure. Family Money follows a short run, no sold out double cassette on Sabbatical from 2009, titled Sharon Stone/Michael Douglas. Expanding on ideas from this earlier release, Family Money is comprised of edited live takes recorded at Melbourne’s PBS Studio 5 for broadcast on the program Ear of the Behearer. Recurrent throughout these pieces is a sinister narrative concerning a boomer seachange, and the abuse of privilege.

Available now on the Sabbatical website or via the PayPal button below.

Available in shops around Australia in coming weeks.

You can listen to the track 'Tight and Fearful' on the Sabbatical Myspace page.


Anonymous said...

Good record. i want to know what do you mean say by: "The importance of the careful collection and maintenance..... asked"


Mark Groves said...

This is a section of the lyrics from one of the pieces within 'Family Money'. The piece is largely concerned with the anxieties associated with the perceived need for comprehensive documentation of one's financial affairs - in the face of seemingly endless additional external pressures. This piece in particular is somewhat removed from the narrative that occupies many sections of the album. Thanks for your interest!