Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Juarez 'Revontulet' out now

Jess Pinney's incredible solo debut, Revontulet, is out now.

Juarez is the solo project of Jessica Pinney, and Revontulet (SBB012) is her debut release for the Sabbatical label. This is a dark electroacoustic work centred on processed analogue electronics and the layering of rich vocal lines, generating an eerie intimacy that is equally inviting and unsettling. The four extended pieces comprising Revontulet were tracked and mixed by Marcus Cook at Head Gap in Preston, Victoria during July 2008.

Available from and Australian independent record stores. If you local doesn't have it ask them to order it in through Missing Link Distribution.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

2008 Christmas party documentation

Sabbatical set


Absoluten Calfeutrail


Default Jamerson

Imminent Dead Boomers start

Dead Boomers

Sweat Lung

Blarke Bayer

Collapsed Toilet Vietnam


Sean Baxter / Joe Talia / Anthea Caddy / James Rushford / Alex Garsden / Fjorn Butler / JK Fuller / Christopher LG Hill / Alex Vivian / Emma Albury/ Sophie Brous

Thanks to all who came out to celebrate what has been a great year. Thanks to Annalee and Stutter for providing a live outlet for this sort of music and to our brother in arms Pete Hyde (Sweat Lung).

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Combined Christmas party - harsh noise Santa party

With the year drawing to a close Stutter, Sweat Lung and Sabbatical have combined forces to throw the largest noise party in town. Nineteen musicians, three sets. Better than your work Christmas party.

Photographic documentation: last Old Bar show of 2008

Aktion Unit

Rod Cooper

Wasted Truth

Collapsed Toilet Vietnam