Thursday, 4 February 2010

Documentation: 21 January 2010

Some shots form our last monthly show at the Old Bar.

Recent UK import MV brought the beautiful analogue sounds of the cassette. The buzz and hiss of the multiple walkmans was woven together beautifully.

Sean Baxter schooled everyone in the possibilities of the drum kit. The master extended technique percussionist highlighted you don't need big amps or manic flailing to create intense sounds, bending enamel plates and creating tuned rumble from the skins of the drums.

Ethic Cleansing, the first time collaboration between Screwtape and Ebola Disco, brought an angry, confrontational edge to the evening with their painfully descriptive explanation of the horrors of dementia.

Watch the video here.

Rounding out our final night at the Old Bar was the now iconic Australian grind trio, Agents of Abhorrence. Flat out grind for 15 minutes. Nothing more to say.

A big thanks to all the folk at the Old Bar for the last year and bit. The boys have been huge supporters of what we do at Sabbatical, first hosting our monthly shows at their previous venue, The Afterdark, giving Sabbatical a monthly platform to present the various musical happenings we were interested in. Thanks for everything.

We will continue to present shows at various spaces around town and will soon find a new home for regular nights. Watch this space for all the news.

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