Sunday, 8 February 2009

Mof Far Far Rah reviewed at Aquarius

Almost two years after it landed on the shelves of San Francisco's premiere music establishment, Aquarius Records, Mof Far Far Rah's Sabbatical album Little More has been given the famous review treatment. Here's what they had to say:

"We only have 5 or 6 of these which is probably enough, cuz boy is this a weird one. We've had these for a really long time, so can't remember the story about who this guy is or what else he's done, but this record, well, it starts out with SEVENTY FIVE super short vocal experiments, as in 6 seconds to 29 seconds, running the gamut from animal like growls, wild hysterical shrieks, disembodied humming, percussive experiments, heavily effected beat box, sort of throat singing, growly death metal grunts, operatic howling, and pretty much all manner of fucked up vocalizations. Think an audio test record featuring nothing but Eye from the Boredoms doing vocal exercises. Fucked up, weird, a novelty, totally cracked and demented. Definitely worth it to disrupt your next party or to torture your downstairs neighbors, but hold on, there's a nearly hour long final track, also seemingly constructed from vocals (?) and it's gorgeous, an extended soundscape of layered hum, of shimmering drones, distant click and skitter, deep bell like tones, murky floorcore, looped stuttering rumbles, moaning and groaning warbles, all drifting beneath a thick fuzzy haze. Almost sounds like it could be the first 75 fragments combined into one thick swirling morass. Definitely cool And quite weird. We only have a tiny handful, so act fast if you want one of these..."

Great to see one of our earliest releases (the second, to be precise) get some recognition. Little More is available from the Sabbatical online shop, at most independent record stores around Australia, and of course from the good folks at Aquarius.

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