Tuesday, 24 February 2009

090217 Documentation: TRM at hellosQuare Showcase

Here are some shots from the hellosQuare Recordings showcase at the East Brunswick Club last week. It was a great night or really interesting piano-based music. Many thanks to Shoeb from hellosQuare for inviting True Radical Miracle to perform.

True Radical Miracle
In the absence of guitarist Scott O'Hara the group performed using samples of his guitar work in an improvised set based around the building piano wanderings of Evelyn Morris. Crashing key work met high-pitched oscillations and low end rumble for a set inspired by their Roaches EP on Sabbatical.

Austin Benjamin Trio
Semi-structured modern jazz compositions met with extreme musicianship in this tight set. Clearly a musical forced to be reckoned with the trio would routinely snap from moody solo pieces into cacophonous, bass-driven riffs accompanied by virtuosic percussion work.

Klumpes Ahmed
Bringing things back into the 'noise' realm, hellosQuare label boss Shoeb Ahmed and pianist Adrian Klumpes stuck a perfect balance between melody and terxture, tone and dischord. Recreating their debut release, In Bed We Trust, the duo performed a set rich in both texture and depth. A real treat for the brave Tuesday night audience.

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