Sunday, 16 June 2013

Trade stock: Nikita Golyshev 'Solaris' (Monochrome Vision)

We've accumulated a healthy stockpile of trades over the years. Long a feature of our merch table at live shows, we thought it time they were made available to our digital community. Each week we'll feature a different item from the trades box.

First up is a release from Moscow-based label, Monochrome Vision. Dmitry contacted us a while back and we did a massive trade. Our only request: only Russian releases. It was a choice that's yielded more than a few fantastic releases. We'll eventually get through all of them, but for now, we have Nikita Golyshev's slowly evolving textural missive, Solaris.

We've just got one copy, so first in, best dressed.

$12 within Australia
$17 rest of the world

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