Tuesday, 21 August 2012

New cassette releases

Dick Threats 'Excellents'

Excellents marks a shift in the sound of Mark Groves and Sharryn Koppens' Dick Threats project. While the absurd track titles and tape hiss of 2011's Meat Cashremain, a darker quality is evident in these six pieces. This time Sharryn's trumpet is for the most part pitch-shifted and droning, while the hectic plundered rhythms ofMeat Cash have given way to intermittent rolling shapes drenched in cavernous reverb. Severe jump cuts between tracks are also eschewed in favour of vaporous fades between passages. This is undeniably a new atmosphere for a resurgent mission.

Edition of 50

Hans Harms 'Vulnerable Sources Project'

Vulnerable Sources Project is the first recorded collaboration between Mark Groves, Leith Thomas, and Dave Coen. The brutalist rhythms and unforgiving electronics of related projects Dead Boomers and Ivens are present here, offering a skeleton in which vocal lines unfurl. These four pieces are principally concerned with a cynical, disillusioned observation of contemporary Australia: the systemic misuse of authority, persistently disappointing discourse, wilful ignorance and an ever-present internalized inferiority complex.

Edition of 50

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