Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sabbatical Presents: CURED PINK

“Cured Pink is a discomposed mess of underdeveloped ideas, glorifying civil sickness before finding anything that actually sounds good. Self-releasing hand-made material out of Brisbane for the last few years, the mess, usually summed as ''psychotic performance art'', ''post-industrial noise bliss'' or ''bored at 3am'', appears to have its strengths in the alienation of pub owners, the forcing of early closures and alienation of most band members. Maybe it is just irritating”.

Sabbatical presents the first release by this constantly evolving Brisbane based project overseen by Andrew McLellan. To launch this self-titled limited run cassette release Sabbatical provides three opportunities for Melbourne residents to witness Cured Pink live.

Friday 25 June 2010 at The Empress Hotel
714 Nicholson Street Fitzroy North

Tuesday 29 June 2010 Makeitupclub at Bar Open
317 Brunswick Street Fitzroy
[McLellan/Groves/Thomas trio]

Wednesday 30 June 2010 Stutter at Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne

Full lineups for these shows will be announced shortly.

Also during this visit to Victoria:
Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 June 2010 Psycho-Subtropics at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces
Part of the 'Always Moving' event series.
Information at and


Crooper said...

you guys have got some ace stuff coming up.

Mark Groves said...

...and more to come Cooper - including a Dead Boomers wipeout at Sunshine & Grease supported by GOOD - the JK Fuller/Simon Taylor duo!