Tuesday, 22 December 2009

What Is Music Festival: 50/50 Documentation

19 December 2009

Iwaki Auditorium
ABC Southbank Centre, Southbank Blvd, Melbourne

Fifty artists in fifty minutes

This performance is now available to stream from the ABC Classic FM website (Real Player or Windows Media). 50/50 featured involvement from all three members of the Sabbatical team, as well as a range of artists from the label.

The rules of 50/50 are thus: 50 bands playing in 50 minutes. One minute per group, no breaks.

Think of the 50/50 project as a living, breathing mixtape, with everything from experimental to jazz to noise to metal to minimalist improv to rock to pop to hiphop to spoken diatribes. Something for everyone, and if you don't like a band then there's less than 60 seconds left until the next one! An event that won't likely be seen ever again, you won't want to miss this speedy sonic degustation.

Participating artists:
Carolyn Connors, Breathing Shrine, DJ 2, Francis Plagne Band, Clare Cooper, Curse ov Dialect, Robin Fox, Tim O'Dwyer Trio, pig&machine, Candlesnuffer+Son, Fabio Umberto, Jon Rose, Shit to the Spirit, Mim Kyhr, Brad Smith, Dead Ants Rainbow, Poletopra, Maya Victoria, Erick Mitsak, Nomex, Sex On Toast, Robert Piotrowicz+Lloyd Honeybrook, DJ Arsecrack, Anna Zaradny, hercel, Rank Sinatra, Charles Ives Singers, Greg Kingston and Robbie Avenaim, Julian Culpan, Bum Creek, Wasted Truth, Occult Blood, Hotel Wrecking City Traders, The Bat Device, Ivens, Mark Lossier, Grytviken (Dav Byrne and Matt "Skitz" Sanders), Scratchplate, elise&jem, Steve Law+Scott Hamilton, Mechanical Performers, Adam Simmons, Vijay Thillaimuthu, Absoluten Calfeutrail, DJ3, Golden Fur Trio.