Saturday, 10 October 2009

Reviews for PIVIXKI and James Rushford & Joe Talia

A couple of new reviews have surfaced recently for our last two releases.

Firstly, PIVIXKI's explosive self-title debut gets a rave write-up from Bob Baker Fish in Cyclic Defrost:

"fascinating, frenetic, and really something unique. The duo fuses together effortlessly, constantly moving, not afraid to startle and get a little musical alongside their naughty beds of atonal discordance." - Bob Baker Fish, Cyclic Defrost

Read the full interview here.

Secondly, James Rushford & Joe Talia's stunning release, Palisades, gets some love from Foxy Digitalis:

"This is a solid release, but I feel the last track makes this essential. 8/10" - Andrew Murdock Livingston, Foxy Digitalis

Read the full review here.

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