Friday, 28 November 2008

Sabbatical presents: Collapsed Toilet Vietnam

Thursday, 11 December Sabbatical hosts our final show for 2008 at the Old Bar. Headlining this show is broken scum rock/grind unit Collapsed Toilet Vietnam, in one of their final performances prior to a three month break. A new release from the group (a split cassette with Pathetic Human) should be available at this show. Also performing are Wasted Truth (an awesome new duo featuring Sean Bailey of Lakes and Harriet Morgan of Downtown), Rod Cooper (legendary instrument builder obsessed with the qualities of metal) and Aktion Unit (featuring Rene Schaefer (Hand Hell) and Dan Lewis (Mirror Farm) with guest Liam Matthews on percussion). The show kicks off at 8:30pm, and entry is a mere six of your worthless Australian dollars.

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